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Organic Scrub


Skin Type: All


Product Description:

Deep cleansing exfoliate with mildness action

  • deep cleansing exfoliate without abrasive qualities, suitable for all skins where gentle approach to desquamation is required

  • does not contain any soap or husk pellets, yet achieves deep pore cleansing action biologically through the use of herbal extracts

  • unclogs and micro massages the skin to obtain better blood circulation within the cell structure

  • improves uneven skin tones/pigmentation




Put 1/2 teaspoon in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water. Mix into a paste and apply to face. Massage with wet fingers. Rinse off thoroughly. May be used twice daily.




Kaolin, Soya Bean, Magnesium Carbonate, Ginseng Extract, Dang Gui, Bei Qi, Proteolytic Enzyme










  • 柔和去除角质层, 适用于各种肌肤

  • 不含皂末或果壳, 透过草药精华, 生物化地做深层洁面

  • 微细的粒子彻底清洁毛孔阻塞物, 亦轻轻按摩皮肤

  • 对于色泽不均, 晦暗的肌肤均有良好的改善效果




取半茶匙之量置于掌心, 加少许清水构成糊状, 然后再涂抹于湿脸上, 配合圆转式按摩, 再以清水冲净. 每日早晚各一次.

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