Aromatic Cream with Tea Tree


Skin Type: Oily/Acne


Product Description:

Tea Tree and Peppermint based aromatic cream

  • water based moisturizer recommended for troubled skins

  • contains Tea Tree and Peppermint essences that is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

  • calms and reduces skin inflammations

  • controls and balances sebaceous secretions, accelerates healing of skin disorders



Apply twice daily to clean skin, massage gently



Water, Salcare SC95, Tea Tree Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate Dimethylsilanol, Peppermint Oil







适合:油性 / 暗疮



  • 水质滋润霜适用于暗疮红肿肌肤

  • 含茶树及薄荷精华, 对暗疮有杀菌消炎作用

  • 镇静肌肤, 减少患者皮肤之红肿

  • 控制及平衡皮肤油脂分泌, 刺激皮肤细胞生长, 加速暗疮伤口愈合



用法: 每日早晚使用.先将脸部彻底清洁,再将此霜抹于脸上,轻轻按摩至完全渗透为止。