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Bust Enhancing Cream 丰胸霜

Designed for the bust, this is a non-oily cream that helps to enhance the size and shape of your bust. Enriched with 9 types of plant extracts, and essential oils that are rich in phyto-estrogen, this cream helps maintain female hormone balance and the development of the mammary tissues. It also increases the collagen in the bust area, beautifying the contours with long lasting results.

含9种植物萃取和香薰油,丰胸霜能改进胸部曲线, 增加皮肤胶原蛋白,加速皮下脂肪的积累,增大乳房。天然的植物萃取含植物性的女性荷尔蒙,安全亦可平衡身体的荷尔蒙,可以促进乳腺组织增长,激活乳腺细胞,促进乳房二次发育, 效果显著,持久不反弹。

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