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Concentrated Active (CA) 浓缩精华液

Add 1 drop of the Concentrated Active into your serum/cream for extra boost of the result you desired!

Directions: Add 1 drop of the Concentrated Active to ATS / TIC, mix well and apply to the whole face and neck. Can choose a few types of Concentrated Actives, but only 1 drop of each.


Brightening: Even out skin colour. Helps lighten hyper pigmentation.


Hydrating: Provides extra hydration for the skin and helps fight pollution.


Soothing: Soothes and calms sensitive and irritated skin.


Phyto-Collagen: Anti-ageing, helps collagen production in the skin.


Purifying: Anti-acne, helps with oily/acne skin to de-congest and purifies the skin.




用法:加一滴的浓缩精华液于ATS黄姜精华液 / TIC黄姜深层护理精华液。掺匀,然后涂抹于全脸、颈。可选用多种浓缩精华液,但每种只可加1 滴。


亮肤: 助于提亮肤色,淡化黑色素


保湿: 给予肌肤更多的水分,并抗环境的污染


镇定: 舒缓及镇定敏感肌肤、过敏性症状


植物胶原: 抗老化,帮助肌肤制造骨胶原


净化: 抗痘,净化肌肤

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